Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I want the job of being your MP

As Parliament was dissolved yesterday, people paid tribute to Matthew Taylor, who was the MP for Truro and St Austell for 23 years. When Matthew Taylor announced in 2007 he was standing down at the end of this Parliament, he said that the biggest thing he had achieved as an MP was the A30 Goss Moor by pass.

If I can do one thing as your future MP, it will be to bring together the investment that is needed for the dredging and development of Falmouth docks to make Falmouth's economy more sustainable, lifting the town's economy to the same level as Truro. This is what I said when I was interviewed recently on the BBC Politics Show (11 April broadcast, last report); the editors cut it.

Achieving this for Falmouth has the support of Labour in Government and Cornwall Council are a partner in the proposals. It will help to support the development of wave power and renewable energy as a new local industry.

Everybody understands that an MP of the Party of Government is more likely to be pushing on an open door.

Falmouth can't afford to wait 20 years for the economic development we need. Labour can win Truro and Falmouth on a swing like that which made Julia Goldsworthy MP in 2005.


  1. So, let's get this right... The biggest achievement of a previous MP was to build a road.


    And you now want to get involved in a dock-dredging project?

    Instead of these grand designs, how about defending the NHS and other public services, ensuring good education, pulling out of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, rejecting ID cards, cancelling the Trident replacement, etc.

  2. Where do you live. The Goss Moor bypass has made a real difference. We need local jobs and a more sustainable economy here, and the Falmouth port development would make that possible.

    Protecting frontline services and investment in education vital for people here too.